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Celebrating the wonderful artistic heritage of Anatolian Turkiye and Iznik porcelain painting, we are delighted to introduce our Iznik interpretations into our Oriental Carpet Creations line.


The Tulip (“Lale” in Turkish) is almost always considered by Westerners to be of Dutch origins, but in fact they first originated in Ottoman Turkey, coming to Europe in the 1500’s. Turkish artisans celebrate the “Lale” in their graceful stylized red and blue designs.


Our new Iznik “Lale” translations may be seen in Bookmarks 14-16, Coin Purses 11 & 12, Makeup Bag 7, and Eyeglass Case 7.


We are also happy to introduce a new carpet-themed Bookmark 13, which is a rendition of a Turkish Hereke carpet. The city of Hereke in western Turkiye remains famous for its incredibly intricate silk carpets.


You may view larger photos of these new designs on the Bookmark and Purses pages.